Our Report Card

October 27, 2022

Topic: Unassigned

Each year in October the Illinois State Board of Education releases the Illinois School Report Card which provides school and district demographic information, finances, and student growth and achievement.  Each school in the state is given one of four Summative Designations.

Illinois has four annual summative designations: Exemplary, Commendable, Targeted, and Comprehensive.

  • Exemplary recognizes the highest performing 10 percent of schools.
  • Comprehensive identifies the lowest performing 5 percent of schools.
  • Targeted identifies schools whose performance is overall above the lowest performing 5 percent of schools but that have one or more individual student groups whose performance is on par with the lowest performing 5 percent of schools.
  • All other schools receive a Commendable designation.

We are very proud to report that all CCSD 21 schools received Commendable Designation with Longfellow Elementary School obtaining an Exemplary Designation for the third time.  

We are also very proud that since the last Summative Designations were assigned in October 2019, that Holmes Middle School, Frost Elementary School, Twain Elementary School, and Whitman Elementary School all improved their ratings from Targeted to Commendable.  

Our schools’ summative designations are evidence of the incredibly hard work that our students, faculty and staff, and families have done to support quality education throughout the pandemic, one of the most difficult and disruptive periods in recent history.

Please visit www.illinoisreportcard.com  to view each school’s full School Report Card.