CCSD21, CCSD59 enter intergovernmental agreement to share new director of school safety and security

January 18, 2024

Topic: Updates

Community Consolidated School District 21’s Board of Education formally approved a one-year intergovernmental agreement with Elk Grove Village-based Community Consolidated School District 59 for shared services and responsibilities concerning a new director for school safety and security.

Speaking ahead of the board’s vote on the measure, Micheal DeBartolo, assistant superintendent for finance and operations, said the idea evolved from district administration determining the immediate needs of the district, as well as the future issues identified for inclusion in its security efforts.

“Security is probably the foremost important issue in education right now,” DeBartolo said. “At this time, we believe adding this position will allow the district’s initiatives and partnerships to grow, elevating and making the district an even safer, more welcoming educational environment.”

Finding a similarly sized school district to execute this partnership would be “beneficial to achieving the district’s goals,” and CCSD59 is similar in student population size, number of facilities, and student demographics.

“It really is a partnership that’s pretty natural,” said DeBartolo. “CCSD59 has been on a similar trajectory as our district in adding school resource officers, implementing standard response training protocols and looking to add a director of security.”

The director will split their time between the two districts, and will oversee the development and implementation of comprehensive safety and security programs. This includes working with school administrators, local law enforcement and other stakeholders to assess potential risks, establish and refine emergency response plans, and conduct regular drills to ensure preparedness.

“Our biggest responsibility is to ensure that our schools are safe places for students and staff to learn and work,” said Dr. Michael Connolly, superintendent of CCSD21. “This role will, in a cost-effective and efficient manner, provide a critical service to both districts in a way that will help both support a safe school environment.”

Dr. Terri Bresnahan, superintendent of schools for CCSD59, added that “together, I believe we can further our efforts to improve safety practices and procedures for the betterment of our communities and the learning experience of our students.

CCSD21 and CCSD59 will share the compensation costs for the role with a 50/50 split, and CCSD21 will invoice CCSD59 for services on a quarterly basis. The term of the agreement runs from Feb. 1, 2024, to June 30, 2025. It will automatically renew on an annual basis unless either party provides notice by April 1 that it will not renew the agreement.